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“ Kim is a very warm, friendly, genuine kind hearted, caring and generous lady, with amazing gifts and a desire to help people and is very calming and healing.
Kim provides clear advice, direction and explains things in regards to the here and now and what’s to come in the future.
Kim gives great comfort, hope, guidance, helpful advice, is very understanding in so many ways and makes you feel relaxed and at ease being in her presence.
Kim has been my saviour the moment I met her. An absolute blessing! I would highly recommend Kim to anyone as I know they will receive whatever it is they are needing and looking for through her.”

Toni, Central Coast, Nov 2020


"After chatting with Kim, I realised my direct manager was oppressing me.  As I didn't know what to do, Kim had guided and showed me what I can do to protect myself spiritually.  It wasn't an easy battle but I won in the end!  I was able to clear all of her negative influences in my life.  

I was able to use these tools to counteract my next manager who also tried to do the same thing. 

Thank you Kim!"

Ka Yan, New Zealand, Jun 2018


"Kim has been healing my body physically & spiritually since August 2020 until this very present moment & will continue to use all the services Kim has to offer.

The world is full of people who claim to be Spiritual Healers but I can comfortably write this testimonial to validate the skills Kim has to offer because I suffer from an internal physical condition that only a real spiritual healer could help me the way Kim has!"

Rob, Wetherill Park, NSW, Jan 2021


I first met Kim in Sydney in 2004, during my time as an overseas mature student. Back then I experienced a couple of readings from her. They were spot on. Since 2016, Kim has been supporting me in her role as spiritual counsellor, healer and teacher and after experiencing several Councellors previously who didn’t help me get to the real essence of the issues Kim certainly has. She is now the only person in this capacity that I wholeheartedly trust and value. Kim knows how to balance and structure the work I need to do and does so at the right pace, slowing me down to protect my health and well being when I have been impatient for results/changes. This has been invaluable.

In June 2016, I went through a pinnacle crossroads in my life. I can now see that several of my life long issues had come to a head and led to high levels of anxiousness and despair. Initially I saw 2 counsellors and was also introduced to ‘theta healing’. I myself am a massage therapist and have experienced bodywork and counselling in many forms over the years. This time it felt like I could be doing any of those for the rest of my life and we would only just be touching the surface of something that was so deeply ingrained in me. I came close to making some seriously bad life changing decisions. I luckily listened to a feeling in me, paused and I knew I needed to contact Kim. There were 2 stages in the initial sessions where she incorporated talking, guided meditations, healing and tools/practices she taught me. Gently she helped me bring in a new level of awareness and understanding, to help me resolve the issues. The journey has been amazing, it takes trust on both parts but the results have been fantastic.

I feel very lucky to have met Kim and so thankful for her patience, guidance and support. I have continued sessions as and when needed and it has been fantastic to keep building on the initial work. (We have communicated via face time, it has worked perfectly)

Emma, London, UK, Feb 2021


I just wanted to let you know that I have really enjoyed coming to your store and the energies in there are absolutely beautiful along with being greeted by a little furry friend.
But yeah, really I just wanted to thankyou for your business and that your energies are so genuine and welcoming.

Emma S, Turramurra, Dec 2021

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