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Premium Mulitcoloured Faceted Tourmaline Necklace

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Tourmaline has one of the widest colour ranges of any gemstone, it can occur in any colour. Each colour provides different protection and vibrations. The multicolour Tourmaline necklace would provide a wide spectrum of protection. It cleanses, purifies and transforms dense energy into lighter vibrations and brings harmony between the mind, body, spirit and soul.

  • Rubellite refers to the red variety of tourmaline.

  • It strengthens the ability to understand love, promotes tactfulness and flexibility, sociability and extroversions.

  • It energises the sacral chakra and increases creativity at all levels.

  • Red offers stamina and endurance in healing

  • Indicolite indicates bluish-green tourmalines. And those that come from Paraiba, Brazil are referred to as Paraiba tourmaline.

  • It activates the throat and third eye chakra

  • Stimulates the urge for spiritual freedom and clarity for self-expression

  • In healing, bright blue tourmaline is a useful diagnostic tool and helps in identifying underlying causes of disesase

  • Verdelite refers to any green tourmaline and Chrome features an intense green color.

  • Verdelite is an excellent healer and is helpful for visualisation

  • Transforming negative energy to positive energy and dispelling fears

  • Promoting openness, patience and a sense of belonging

  • It magnetises the wearer to prosperity and abundance

  • Traditionally regarded as magical stones

  • Dravide refers to the brown tourmaline

  • It is an excellent grounding stone, clearing and opening the earth chakra

  • Clears the aura, aligns the etheric body and protects it

  • Dravide heals dysfunctional family relationships and strengthens empathy

  • Like its namesake, watermelon tourmaline has a pink center and green outer edge.

  • It is the super-activator of the heart chakra, linking it to the higher self and fostering love, tenderness and friendship

  • Alleviating depression and fear, it promotes inner security

  • Savannah refers to tourmaline gems that are bright yellow.

  • Stimulates the solar plexus and enhances personal power

  • Schorl refers to the black tourmaline

  • Protect against radiation, electromagnetic pollution, psychic attack and negative energies of all kinds

  • Connecting with the base chakra. It grounds energy and increases physical vitality, dispersing tension and stress

  • Clearing negative thoughts and promotes clear, rational thought processes

  • Achroite is the colourless tourmaline

  • Synthesises all other colours and opens the crown chakra

  • It also aligns the meridians of the physical and etheric bodies

Tourmaline has a strong calming effect that will ground you and offer relief from stress. It will also help you to conquer your fears. Tourmaline can inspire creativity and increase the level of productivity.

Tourmaline will bring positive energies in your life. It will help you to deal with your inner chaos and provide protection against destructive energies and bad vibrations that are acting as barriers in life

It is the birthstone for October and also to celebrate the 8th Anniversary!


Hall J, 2003. The Crystal Bible

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