Kim is an experienced psychic reader who channels directly from spirit. The information that she receives comes from your personal guidance system to give you the most accurate information available.
Kim has helped many people choose the path that best suits their situation and has helped people realise what their next steps are.
Below are some examples of what people seek Kim's help for:
relationship issues
health (physical, emotional and mental)
karma and past life issues

Readings and reiki healing are also available at the shop (walk-in / by appointment). 

Remote readings are done via zoom. 

(Alternative methods e.g. Facebook messenger, Facetime or Whatsapp can be arranged.  Please specify in the booking form)

Online readings are available between 10am - 12 pm, 2pm - 4pm Monday to Saturdays.

If these times do not suit, please contact us at or call

0478 287 233 to arrange an alternative time.


Disclaimer Notice

By having a psychic Reading/Healing at Soul Star Synergies (SSS), you agree to the following terms:

  1. Readings are purely for guidance only; a 100% accuracy of information is NOT guaranteed.

  2. Readings and Healings are not to replace any professional services

  3. All Readings/Healings are subject to your own interpretation and should never replace the professional advice from Financial, Medical, Legal, and/or Psychological services.

  4. Should you seek information regarding these topics, we highly suggest that you seek advice/ consult from the relevant experts.

  5. Psychic Readers and Healers at SSS promise to provide an ethical reading/healing session.

  6. Psychic Readers/Healers offer different services according to their own unique skill set and abilities.

  7. We encourage you to approach readings/healings with an open and fair mind with no expectations.

  8. Please remember that you have the will to control your own destiny as we are not responsible for your actions.