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Hi there and thank you for visiting our site. Soul Star Synergies (SSS) was officially established in September 2020 by my best friend Sylvia and I (Kim) as we recognised that there was a need for a place that offers genuine spiritual assistance.

We wanted to create a place that anyone can come and and seek advice and be comfortable in the knowledge that there will be no judgement. We also supply high quality New Age goods along with the know-how of their use. 

Services we offer at present include psychic readings, healings and spiritual counselling. Bookings are essential.

A bit about Kim...

I have been doing readings and to some extent healings since I was 11 years old. People naturally gravitated towards me and would often tell me their troubles and I would offer advice to the best of my abilities. Although as an 11 year old girl, I did find it a bit funny to give serious relationship advice to people who were at least twice my age!

As I grew up, I found that I enjoyed helping people find their way and taking comfort from the messages that I could pass on to them from their Spiritual guardians. 

Now, I am a psychic reader and healer at SSS and I gladly welcome you to come in for a chat.

A bit about Sylvia...

I am a very talented and accurate reader with the only limitation is that I can only read for myself! lol. Therefore, I leave the psychic services for Kim to manage. 

I manage the bookwork and social media so you won't see me physically at SSS, but know that I am there in spirit.

I join Kim in welcoming you all to SSS!

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